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VITAL Google Summit

The VITAL Google Summit is a unique Google event giving a behind-the-scenes look at how schools across Tennessee are transforming their approach to teaching and learning with the goal of personalizing student learning. The morning will consist of networking, vision, district spotlight and keynote by Wesley Hall. The afternoon will include four 50 minute breakout sessions focused on Admininstration Leadership, CTE, STEM/Makerspace, Elementary, Middle, and High School uses of Google and Personalized Learning in the classroom. The day will end with an edcamp. The summit hash tag is #VITALGoogle.

Where: Prescott South Middle School - 1859 S. Jefferson Avenue, Cookeville, TN 38506

When: Saturday, August 24th


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M^3: making Math Meaningful (with Digital Tools)
Led by Emily McDonald - room D123

Create learning opportunities with technology in the mathematics classroom. Learn ways to incorporate math and technology using resources such as Desmos, EquatIO, Delta Math, Google Doc Equation editor, and more.

STEM Culture From Reaching to Realization
Led by Catherine Jones - room D124

This session will share layer upon layer of STEM integration to help participants brainstorm ways to begin, adapt, or solidify their implementation of STEM practices. Using the Tennessee State Designation Rubric as a guide, participants will leave the session with a full understanding of what a STEM culture can look like with space for limitless creativity while preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow...in elementary school!

Banning Boredom: Nearpod for Student Engagement
Led by Sephanie Kirk - room D151

In this session, participants will learn to use Nearpod as a tool for engaging and assessing student performance in the classroom. We will discuss the use of Nearpod as the primary tool for instructional delivery, including how to appsmash in a way that empowers students to take control of their learning. The delivery will also highlight best practices for classroom implementation using Hattie's research on Visible Learning.

Flipping for Flipgrid
Led by Tracie Kile - room D147

"Flipgrid- A FREE platform that allows students to share their voice. Teachers create ""grids"" of short discussion-style questions that students respond to through recorded videos. Each grid is effectively a message board where teachers can pose a question and their students can post video responses that appear in a tiled ""grid"" display."

Can I take your order How to personalize in the Classroom
Led by Lacy Loggings - room D145

Looking at parts of a hand burger to demonstrate the areas of how to Personalize the learning in a 3-5 classroom. Participants will be given examples of playlist and examples of supporting task that are designed to help students revisit and apply the information. Tips for creating a playlist as well as tips for creating independent learning environment will be shared.

Special Education: UDL and IEP Implementation
Led by Kyle Gatchalian - Room D144

General and Special Educators will be able to explain the similarities and differences of UDL (Universal Design of Learning) and IEP implementation for diverse learners in their classroom. Individualized accommodations through the use of Google productivity apps will be demoed and discussed.

Google Productivity, Fun, Tips, and Tricks
Led by Kathy Pryor - room D146

This fast paced session will cover as many great resources for the classroom. The session will cover a wide range of resources from early education, personal computing, Google Docs, sharing resources with students, communication tools, tools to allow student to be creative in the classroom and many many more. The skills needed for these resources are at the beginning level and are attainable by everyone. A full list of resources will be provided. You may want to fasten your seat belts on this session.

OpenEd Resources
Led by Leah Davidson - room D125

This session will go through the Opened resource to show teachers how to use it successfully in a classroom. The session will be beneficial to any subject, but will have a focus on how it has helped with my ACT class.

How Lexia Made Our Students Love Learning
Led by Tera Brooks - room D129

"Are you interested in improving student confidence and reading ability? We are excited to share with you how Lexia Learning worked for us! We would like to introduce the program to you briefly, and share with you how we used this program to drive our personalized student learning, specifically for our RTI and ELL populations."

Personalized Learning in Middle School Math
Led by Jessica Childers - room D150

Come learn how to incorporate personalized learning into the middle school math classroom! We will share ideas for how we used PL to enhance student learning in our classrooms. Topics include flexible content and tools, data driven decisions, targeted instruction, and student reflection and ownership.

Hands-on with Google Science Journal
Led by Dr. Jeremy Wendt - room D128

Google's Science Journal is a free digital science notebook app that is superior to the paper notebook. Organizing notes, photos, and observations are useful, but when accompanied by the sensors and tools built into your device, it is an amazing tool!

Leading a Purposeful Community
Led by William Stepp - room D130

This session will review the presenter's application of the Balanced Leadership strategies to create a continuous improvement mindset leading to student growth.

Flip Your Classroom 101: Reach Every Student, Every Day
Led by Jake Habegger - room D152

"Beginner Session: Flip Your Classroom 101: Reach Every Student, Every Day

Make It Work! Building School Based Makerspaces
Led by Kristy Reagan - room D153

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get a makerspace up and running? In this presentation, you will learn the ups and downs of creating a school or library makerspace. Examples of obstacles faced and how to work around them will be presented along with ideas for which products to purchase and/or use in your makerspace based on experienced successes and failures.

Google Tour Creator & Expeditions
Led by Rhonda Bruce - room D127

Explore Google Tour Creator and detailed directions on how to create your own Google tour. The tour can contain: Images, Narration, Descriptions, Points of Interest, and Overlays

Spark, Set, Go
Led by Chris Tenbarge - room D122

What if students and teachers could unite around a down-to-earth approach to Inquiry in the classroom? Use this deck of cards to plan your next PBL, organize student Passion Projects, or simply explore what personalized learning could be. Spark, Set.. Go! is a double dose of “How might we increase the scope of learning opportunities for your students?” Get a Spark Deck, and discover how this common-sense approach boosts instruction by balancing student ownership with accountability. Spark, Set.. Go! is about creating high-quality opportunities for independent learning.

Personalizing a Prescribed ELA Curriculum
Led by Stephanie Boyd - room C143

This session will help classroom teachers build understanding of what personalized learning is, why it matters, and develop an arsenal of ready to use strategies to implement with prescribed ELA curriculum materials. We will be utilizing examples with the LearnZillion curriculum that can be replicated with any ELA curriculum.

Google101: Step-by-Step Approach to Supporting STEM
Led by Casey Garrison - Library

"When students better understand HOW to use GoogleSuites, it allows the academic teacher the ability focus more on the standards at hand, instead of teaching how the technology works. This session offers classroom and technology teachers incite and confidence to prep students on HOW to effectively utilize GoogleSuites. Increasing student ability to use technology to complete standards based assignments collaboratively. The use of ScreenCastify, and a flipped classroom model, allows teachers more time to focus on the actual standards they need to cover while utilizing technology. Students can be self-paced and directed while maximizing differentiation. Multiple GoogleSuites apps will be utilized during this session. Please bring your computer/device, this session is interactive. "

Leveraging Meetings to Become a More Responsible Organization
Led by Kelly Freiheit - DL-Lab

Traditional leadership practices often do not align to innovative practices. Our research leads us to believe that if we develop more responsive practices in existing structures, like team meetings, we will see an improvement in how teams collaborate, make decisions, and achieve goals. This session will explore the key components of a responsive organization and strategies to make team meetings more effective.

Improve Safety and Well Being, Enhance learning and protect the Environment with one platform
Led by Hans Stahl - Room C158

Learn how Enseo's MadeSafe safety communication and location platform can also provide a solution for WiFi, energy management and AV/distance learning capabilities

Online Learning : Not the Next Big Thing, The NOW Big Thing
Led by Debi Crabtree - Room D118

Are you losing K-5 students to homeschooling? Are your middle school students earning high school credit? Are your school's elective/CTE course catalogs lacking in WOW factor? We've got a one-stop shop for helping you solve all of these district dilemmas. Join us for an overview of what you can do NOW to be the next BIG thing in the lives of your learners.

eSports in Education
Led by Ryan Shuttlesworth - GYM

Come learn why ASUS is the industry leader in eSports and how they are partnering with K12 districts across the nation.

21st Century STEAM & Coding-Sam Labs
Led by Ran Lestock - Room D140

Come prepared for a hands-on, minds-on experience with Sam Labs. Sam Labs empowers non-technical teachers to teach STEAm & Coding. We will walk through our Teaching & Learning content, and get hands on with our wireless bluetooth blocks, and google workbench.

Security, Privacy, and You
Michael Colby - Room D141

This session will take a look at ways we keep safe and private on the internet. "Computer Literacy" goes beyond knowing how to double-click an icon or how to surf the web for memes; it also includes how to keep your information protected and secure.

Social Emotional Learning - An Integrated, Direct and Measured Approach to Impacting School Culture
Led by Evona Jones - room D113

Mawi Learning powered by ACT has curriculum that provides actionable tools to redesign school culture, unlock student potential and help educators reignite their passion for teaching. Come learn how districts all over the United States use the 5 core competencies taught in our PD and student curriculum to positively impact school climate and to foster deeper relationships with families.

Snoop around Shmoop
Led by Becky Maynard - D117

Boost your test score with Shmoop test prep.

The Google that is "Hiding in Plain Sight"
Led by Randy Damewood - D121

GSFE has many tools that we are all very familiar with such as Docs, Forms, Calendar, etc. However, there are so many more tools that Google provides. Come to this fun and lively session to learn about some hidden "gems" of the Googleverse that will help you and your students become more productive, create a robust digital workflow, and become the life of any party with your awesome knowledge of the Googleverse

Google Slides....More Than Just a Presentation
Led By Mick Shuran - Library

Most of us have used Google Slides for our presentations. Have you used yours in a different way? Maybe interactive activities for your students? What about a hyperdoc or even creating a cool E-Book to share. There are so many cool things we can do with Google Slides. This will be an opportunity to get some quick hits and also share how you are using (or want to use) Slides in your classroom.

Blended STEM: Using Google Tools
Led By Emily Astor - Room D124

Hear about and experience how G-suite apps can support elementary student learning by blending hands-on experiences in STEM spaces with explicit instruction, discussion, and assessment in the classroom.

Pulling Your (PD) Stuff Together with Google
Led By Mike Crabtree - Room D123

Coordinating change can be course and unwieldy, to say the least. This session shares how we discovered and leveraged the tools to support our teachers and principals by organizing the various platforms of professional learning online using Google tools. Included with the technical talk, our story of progress will be shared with humor and urgency. Will have prizes, too!

Books & Bytes II - Books, Technology, and STEM
Led by Terry Fanning - Room D127

"Would you like to combine children's literature and STEM/ STEAM? This session is the second in a series of sessions with a focus on children’ literature (books) and web resources (bytes) teachers can use to support student learning. This session will focus on STEM/STEAM topics including coding with a little social studies thrown in for fun! Designed for educators teaching in grades K-8. "

My Big Idea!
Led By Tiffany Anton - Room D153

Innovative thinking and problem solving skills are the keys to tomorrow's world changers. These innovations often lead to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow that will be providing jobs vs. searching for one. My Big Idea is a free, in in-school program that introduces students to these concepts in a very immersive way.

The Google that is "Hiding in Plain Sight"
Led By Randy Damewood - Room D121

GSFE has many tools that we are all very familiar with such as Docs, Forms, Calendar, etc. However, there are so many more tools that Google provides. Come to this fun and lively session to learn about some hidden "gems" of the Googleverse that will help you and your students become more productive, create a robust digital workflow, and become the life of any party with your awesome knowledge of the Googleverse

Personalizing Learning with Google
Led By Sara Harvick - Room C125

Participants will learn how to use a range of Google Apps and Extensions to personalize learning in their classrooms.

Digital Tools That Bring the ISTE Standards Alive
Led By Paige Lahaise - Room D146

This session will focus on freely available digital resources that empower students to master each of the seven ISTE standards. After attending this session, you walk away with tools and strategies to incorporate the ISTE standards into your existing curriculum as well as lesson plans you can implement right away for each of the standards.

Mystery Science - Incorporating Hands-On Learning
Led By Betsy Harris - Room D150

I will show you how amazing it is use Mystery Science. Teachers will get an overview of how Mystery Science works and also participate in a lesson as a student.

Work Smarter, Not Harder
Led By Lesley Worsham - Room D152

"This session is designed to give elementary teachers a variety of online tools and resources to help out in the classroom. Participants will explore tools ranging from communication support to daily task help and everything in between. "

CANCELED Canvas LMS - Inside & Out
Led By Mary Kirk - Room D145

Canvas LMS - Inside & Out: This session is for anyone curious about the Canvas learning management system. Mary will show you the in's and out's of Canvas as well as how to "build" an online classroom and how to utilize it with blended learning strategies.

Automate you IEP Goals and Objectives
Led By Kyle Gatchalian - Room D144

In this session, attendees will learn how to create IEP Goals and Objectives reports automatically to increase efficiency and spend more time on what matters most, the students! If you want to create detailed IEP reports instantaneously with a click of a button then this session is for you!

Getting Your Level 1 Google Certified Teacher
Led By Stephanie Boyd - Room D130

This session will introduce you to Google Level 1 Certification and lead you onto the path of certification as an official Google certified teacher

On the Road to Personalized Learning
Led By Melissa Palk - Room D129

In our session, we will discuss and share ideas for implementing Personalized learning at your school. We will share the good, the bad, and the ugly in our transformation to personalizing learning for each of our students. Ideas for supporting our teachers integration will be discussed as well.

You Have a 3D Printer, Now What?
Led By Adam West - Room C143

"In the session I will be showing how to use the online application tinercad.com and thingiverse.com to make custom projects for your printing needs. By the end of this session we hope to give you the tools to make a custom 3d project and understand the size and dimension of the scale for your printer. Please have your laptop in hand when you attend the session. "

To FlipGrid, and Beyond
Led By Lessa Wilson - Room D147

"I will be demonstrating the use of flipgrid and how it can work with ANY classroom. I will discuss how flipgrid took my reading fluency to the next level, not only with scores, but with student ownership. Flipgrid can be used on any device with a camera, microphone, and connection to internet, wifi, or hotspot. Students can access flipgrid inside and outside of the classroom. Flipgrid empowers every voice in millions of PreK to PhD classrooms across 180 countries 💚 Sign up today... it’s FREE 🚀 #FlipgridFever https://info.flipgrid.com/"

Block-Based Coding and Elementary Mathematics
Led By Cory Gleasman - Room D128

Welcome K-6 teachers! The focus of this interactive workshop will be on practically connecting Google's Computational Thinking for Educators framework with block-based programming technologies for the purpose of teaching elementary mathematics. Eleven of Google’s operationally defined computational thinking concepts will be examined within a screen-based block-based programming environment appropriate for elementary education. An emphasis will be placed on connecting the eleven computational thinking concepts with mathematical concepts for the purpose of teaching mathematics conceptually as the national standards intend. Scratch Jr., Scratch, and Blocky will be block-based programming platforms referenced and utilized during the workshop. Session attendees will have the opportunity to develop a condensed and practical programming and mathematics lesson plan/ instructional idea to implement into their own K-6 classrooms. A laptop and an internet connection are necessary for this session.

Life of a Lab Facilitator
Led By Becky Maynard - Room D151

We will discuss how we use data and personalized learning strategies in our roles as lab facilitators for the VITAL program.

5 Ingredients of a Culture of Innovation
Led By Kelly Freiheit - DL-Lab

If we want teachers and schools to design innovations we need to create a district culture that supports innovators. This session will explore the 5 ingredients for creating a culture of innovation in your district and/or school. Participants will have the opportunity to understand the importance, brainstorm new ideas, and commit to improving one ingredient.

ASU Prep Digital
Led By Stephanie Bulgrin - Room D113

"This session will give a high level overview of how school's can partner with ASU Prep Digital as a reliable approach to improve student outcomes in their schools. Sam Brooks from Putnum County will speak to the success he has had in partnering with ASUPD and attendees will get a glimpse of the new adaptive next generation Science curriculum ASUPD is releasing this fall. Whether it is leveraging the University rich curriculum ASUPD has to offer with your own teachers, or utilizing our own digital teachers and Learning Success coaches in our tuition model, session attendees will walk away with creative solutions that can be applied to their individual school settings for a solid collaborative that will improve student outcomes and performance in your school. "

Prepare Your Students for the Real World with EVERFI
Led By Mia Cohen - Room D118

Over 280 TN schools are using EVERFI’s free online learning programs to teach critical life skills in STEM, entrepreneurship, careers and more. Interested? Come learn how each program engages students, highlights career paths, sparks discussions, aligns to state standards as well as welcomes you into the EVERFI Teacher Network filled with extra resources and opportunities. Teachers will be provided with tips regarding best practices for each self-assessing lesson and leave empowered to start the new school year!

Engage Student with Interactive Displays
Led By Randy Garret - Room D140

Interactive design creates meaningful relationships between students and activities, from computers to mobile devices to appliances and beyond. Here’s your chance to learn some of the best uses of G Suite for Education and MyViewboard.

STEM Hub Resources
Led By Corlos R. Galindo & Darek Potter - Room C158

Presentation about the resources available to educators at the Oakley STEM Center

eSports in Education
Led By Ryan Shuttleswoth - Gym

Come learn why ASUS is the industry leader in eSports and how they are partnering with K12 districts across the nation.

The Dynamic Literacy & Math Duo - EquatIO and Read&Write!
Led By Marc Callahan - D117

Along with a quick overview of 2 powerful extensions from texthelp (Read&Write and EquatIO), attendees will learn how to install the premium Free-For-Teachers version of both tools. Read&Write for Google is a UDL-based literacy tool with features like Text-to-Speech, Translator, Word Prediction, Talking Dictionary, Picture Dictionary, Speech Input, Study Skills Highlighters, Voice Notes, Simplify Web Pages, PDF Annotations and a super awesome Vocabulary Builder! EquatIO makes it easy to digitally create accessible, editable Math. Create, engage with, and respond to math and STEM using dictation, handwriting recognition, formula prediction and more within PDFs, all areas of the G Suite and on the Web!

Drive Depth and Engagement with Actively Learn
Led By Raquel Ford - D141

"Engage with Actively Learn™ to learn and explore the online curriculum platform that empowers teachers with instructional tools that strengthen how deeply students comprehend texts. It's where students learn deeply, think critically and accelerate achievement. "

Did Someone say FREE? Open Educational Resources for math grades 6-12
Led By Tabitha Savage - Room D144

Free fab curriculum + amazing instructional routines + digital classroom resources? Look no further and join us to learn about the free, top-rated, full-course math curricula for grades 6–12 from Open Up Resources. Whether you’re using Microsoft OneNote, Google Docs, or an LMS, this session will introduce you to our digital resources and help you gain access to lesson activities, digital applets, assessments, and more! Bonus: You’ll leave with ready to implement instructional routines and activities that can immediately improve instructional and engagement!

Bridging the Gap between Public School and Homeschool
Led By Robyn Nabors - Room C143

Putnam County School System launched FLEX Learning Center for the 2019-20 school year. The high school at FLEX Learning Center provides a hybrid online experience for students in grades 9-12. In addition to online coursework at home, students must also attend class sessions at a brick and mortar facility for test proctoring and one on one and small group instruction with certified teachers. The session will provide an overview of FLEX Learning Center’s vision, enrollment procedures, attendance, curriculum, and cooperation with the administrators and guidance counselors at the other county high schools.

CANCELED Flipping Your Classroom "Right: Side Up"
Led By Mary Kirk - Room D152

This session is for anyone curious about flipping their classroom in any content area. The flipped classroom refers to students watching the lesson lecture at home, then spending class time to ask questions, work on practice problems, and do projects. Mary will give you the highs and lows of the flipped classroom and show you why her students love flipped learning.

1:1 with Chromebooks, Now What?
Led By Emily McDonald - Room D123

Learn tips and tricks that will help you and your students use Chromebooks more efficiently and effectively. You students will be creating and displaying their understanding in no time with these tips for using Chromebooks.

Appy Hour with Early Learners
Led By Cynthia Putman - Room D124

"Perhaps you are unsure about how to use it in your classroom in ways that are age-appropriate. Or maybe you are already using technology in your classroom, but you would like to know more about how to make your children’s time with it more meaningful. I have gathered a number of evidence-based recommendations and suggestions you can use as a guide to help you successfully integrate technology into your early learning classroom. "

Digital Tools That Bring the ISTE Standards Alive
Led By Paige Lahaise - Room D146

This session will focus on freely available digital resources that empower students to master each of the seven ISTE standards. After attending this session, you walk away with tools and strategies to incorporate the ISTE standards into your existing curriculum as well as lesson plans you can implement right away for each of the standards.

Personalizing a Given Math Curriculum
Led By Sierra Smith - Room D127

"Have trouble taking the curriculum that iReady gives you and making it your own? Look no further! I will demonstrate how I take the curriculum that I am given and make it my own. Some items to be covered: - Google Forms Quizzes (Summative & Formative) - Google Classroom for a more self-paced class - Flexible seating do's and don'ts - Classroom routine - and MUCH, MUCH, MORE! "

Transforming Your Math Instruction TODAY!!!
Led By Becky White - Room D121

In this session I will be walking participants through the set up and implementation of a personalized learning in a Math classroom. My main focus will be on a station rotation with a playlist incorporated. I will briefly touch on ways I also embed a flipped method of teaching into my daily/weekly small groups. Participants will leave with a list of resources that can be easily used and quickly implemented into their own classrooms.

Personalized Learning in the Elementary Classroom
Led By Laura Shaver- Room D130

"Join Elementary Teacher, Lindsay Spain, and Elementary Library Media Specialist, Laura Shaver, as they introduce effective Personalized Learning models. They will share resources and strategies that have been successful within their settings. "

Future Ready - Preparing your student to be Career Ready
Led By Susan Cadle- Room C125

Preparing students to be college and career ready (Future Ready) by teaching and implementing soft skills, preparing for interview and job application processes, as well as discovering careers of interest.

ACE Your STEM Program
Led By Suzanne Costner - Room D129

I will share the various resources (including free curriculum, STEM kits, classroom grants, competitive awards), available through the Civil Air Patrol and other aerospace organizations and give examples of how I have used them to expand our school's STEM initiative. This is the 6th year I have used the ACE curriculum with our school's students. The curriculum easily integrates into the classroom, as well as offering ideas for school-wide STEAM days and family events.

Your NOTHING could be someone's EVERYTHING
Led By Kalli Waguespank - Room D153

Learn how your NOTHING could be someone else's EVERYTHING through Tech Trade Up! Tech Trade Up allows you to trade in your devices for new technology in the classroom.

Personalized Learning Through an Observer's Eyes:
Led By Valeria Voiles - Room D128

Effective personalized learning requires collaborative planning that allows student ownership of academic pursuits. In this session administrators will begin to understand the connection between the TEAM planning domain and how it promotes this collaborative process.

Flipped Mastery: Flipping to the Next Level!
Led By Jake Habegger - Library

You love the flip. Now, it is time to take it to the next level! This session will explain how the Flipped Mastery Model can be used in a variety of subject areas to create an asynchronous learning environment that can be used for mastery/competency-based learning and/or standards-based grading. If you want to truly differentiate and personalize your students’ learning to the highest level, this is the session for you!

Advanced Google Sheets
Led By Beth Billingsley - Room D151

Stop limiting yourself and your data by not using the free and easy to use tools of Google. This session will show you how to utilize copious amounts of data in a matter of seconds using Google Add-ons. These add-ons create data information even the most expensive learning programs don't include. ( True Story) Come learn how!

Rolling Out Personalized Learning
Led By Bubba Winningham - Room D147

In this session we will discuss effective ways to rollout personalized learning.

Formative Assessment: Digital Tools
Led By Jason Stikler - Room D150

This session will focus on the the impact of using digital formative assessment tools within the classroom. Teachers will gain a basic understanding of formative assessment (and discover multiple digital resources to use in their classroom).

Personalized Learning 101(The Core 4)
Led By Jessica Erdelijac- Room D122

In this session, participants will learn about the four basic components of personalized learning. Resources will be shared to inform and support educators who would like to begin the implementation of personalized learning in their classroom.

Personalized Learning: Intro to Models and Tactics
Led By Daniel Johnson - DL-Lab

Participants will have an opportunity to learn about the core tenants of personalized learning and how schools are putting them into practice. Attendees will walk away with a common language for personalized learning and specific examples of how PL is being applied at a foundational level.

Interested in Raising Literacy Scores Through a Blended, Personalized Solution?
Led By Julie Williams - Room D113

Come explore Lexia and our Adaptive Literacy Solution. We will take a look at how we use real time data to drive Literacy success.

Using Digital Courseware for Blended and Online Schools
Led By Sarah Latimore - Room D117

Come see how FLVS Global's digital courseware can be used in blended and fully online classes for students in grades K-12.

Personalized Learning with Nearpod
Led By Angela Daly- Room C158

This session will focus on how Nearpod allows teachers to differentiate instruction in the moment, achieving 100% student engagement within their classrooms. You will also get an introduction on Nearpod’s newest integration with Google Slides!

An Exploration of IXL Learning
Led By Sabrina Wuu - Room D118

Come explore IXL Learning with us! In this session, we will dive into IXL’s personalized learning platform for Math, Science, Social Studies, ELA, and Spanish. IXL is used by over 275,000 students across Tennessee, and we will showcase how schools and districts implement IXL for RtI, SPED, core instruction, gifted students, and much more!

Snack Session
Led By Nacy Smith - Room D140

Stop in to meet with representatives from Edgenuity and Odysseyware. Bring your Back to School, Credit Recovery, CTE, Blended Learning and Intervention questions.Have a snack and get a taste of what's new, what's hot and what's not.

eSports in Education
Led By Ryan Shuttleworth - GYM

Come learn why ASUS is the industry leader in eSports and how they are partnering with K12 districts across the nation.

Lenovo Virtual Reality In The Classroom
Led By Spencer White - Room D141

"Come join us for a hands-on demonstration of Virtual Reality in the classroom and come find out how students and teachers are utilizing this technology to improve student learning outcomes. We will discuss resources and content available to help you guide students through VR learning."


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